Project Info

We were approached by Kilbryde Hospice who asked us to put a system in place that would allow patients stuck at home to still be a part of the strong hospice community.
  • Client : Kilbryde Hospice
  • Date : 22 October 19
  • Location : East Kilbride

Project Info

The Background

Everyone all over the country was surprised when lockdown measures were introduced as part of the fight against Covid-19. Unfortunately for most patients and members of the hospice community this meant that they would not be able to take part in the normal activities and services were put on weekly. With isolation proven to be one of the most detrimental effects our national fight it was important that a solution could be put in place to aid those too vulnerable to leave their home.

The Solution

We quickly got thinking about the best way to solve this problem and soon came up with a plan to introduce a number of tablet devices that could be easily distributed amongst the community.

We procured numerous Microsoft Surface tablets as these were cheaper and more adaptable the Apple iPad’s but would give everyone access to use Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and more so that they could be in touch with others in the community while keeping safe at home. To accommodate those that may not have broadband and wifi in their home we also arranged a discounted deal with a leading telecoms provider to enable 4G access to the devices so that nothing was reliant on what anyone had previously saving them having to pay to be part of the community.

Effective Solution

We provided an easy to use and manage solution that more than met the requirements.

Quick to Implement

We were quickly able to implement the solution and get everyone up and running as soon as was possible.

Lowest Cost

We always look for the best price for our customers and especially so for Charities and Not For Profit organisations.

The Result

The true success of this solution is immeasurable as we were able to provide the necessary solution to enable vulnerable people in isolation to be still part of the outside world, part of the community, and part of the family with most being able to keep in touch with their loved ones throughout this trying time.

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