Project Info

We were approached by Colliers to provide a modern solution to solve their ageing equipment problem.
  • Client : Colliers International
  • Date : 19 March 2017
  • Location : East Kilbride

Project Info

The Background

As the Scottish Enterprise Technology Park has been our home for many years, we were all too familiar with the sub-par connectivity throughout the complex. The Broadband options available for tenants were poor quality and not cost-effective. The only existing infrastructure in place was old copper wiring and not up to modern standards meaning the end-of-life phone lines could not keep up with the continued expansion of the park.

The park management wanted a way to be able to provide modern and reliable broadband and phones to all their tenants in the park and be able to capitalise on a revenue opportunity that is otherwise lost to large service providers such as BT and Virgin Media.

The Solution

With so much work to be done, we got in touch with our trusted partners to arrange the best solution for Colliers, it came in 4 stages:

  • Completely Upgrade Existing Infrastructure
  • Modernise The Central Networking Hub
  • Connect Site With High-Speed Internet
  • Deploy Cloud VoIP System To Tenants

Stage 1 – To arrange for our cabling partner to take out all the existing copper wiring joining the managed buildings together and replace it with lightning-fast fibre optic cables. After getting a cut price on the job we were able to get the work carried out as a top priority meaning we could easily push ahead with the rest of the project.

Stage 2 – We had to source all new equipment for the network exchange as all the old BT kit would not allow us to achieve any of our goals. After replacing the outdated equipment with modern, high-end Cisco networking equipment we were now in a position to be able to effortlessly manage the connections between all the buildings.

Stage 3 – Working with our award-winning internet provider we were able to provide very cost-effective leased lines to ensure Colliers would get guaranteed highspeed internet connections that they could pass on to all their tenants.

Stage 4 – Expanding on the internet services now being provided, we implemented a multi-tenant VoIP solution between the park residents allowing them to reduce ongoing line, call, and maintenance costs.

100% Availability

Since going live there has not been a total outage of service

Deadlines Met

Even though this was a large project all work was completed before the deadline

Return on Investment

Our solution has provided Colliers with an additional source of recurring revenue

The Result

With our advanced management system, Colliers are now able to easily offer and distribute low-cost, scaleable, internet solutions to every office within the park. This gives them the ability to completely undercut the likes of BT and Virgin and bolster their already existing recurring revenue.

Redundancy was always critical to the planning and development of our solution and with our successful backup systems deployed we are proud to say there has never been a total outage over the years since the project was completed.

In that time we have seen tenant uptake on the services grow with increased customer satisfaction presenting us with a positive reminder of the success of the solution.

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