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Your connection to the rest of the world!
Roswell IT deals with broadband so you don’t have to, making sure that your broadband is online constantly. If you notice your broadband is down it’s as easy as calling us up and letting us know so we can get it up and running again! For years we have worked with our industry leading partners to create bespoke solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes.


Whatever your business does, you’ll need to communicate with your customers and colleagues. You’ll need access to a phone (landline, mobile or both). And you’ll need to get online.

And that’s where we come in. With some of the fastest and most reliable internet access speeds in the UK – not to mention phone options – our solutions are designed to support your business needs.

What we Provide*:


  • EFM connection (Ethernet First Mile). Our most basic connection capable of 20 Mbps upload and download
  • FTTC connection (Fibre To The Cabinet). Our second grade of internet connection, reliable and superfast with upload and download speeds between 80-330 Mbps
  • FTTP connection (Fibre To The Premises). Our third grade of connection, no copper cabling is involved in getting internet to your business with speeds of upto 500 Mbps
  • Leased Line connection. Our top grade of internet access, a personal business connection to the internet capable of speeds up to 5Gbps
  • Fibre to Satellite. For business no matter where you are, where the implementation of a more regular installation would cost too much, capable of speeds upto 30Mbps


*speeds may vary dependant on area